Spongebob’s DARK Scenes That Came Out of Nowhere

Spongebob is usually an innocent, kids cartoon. But every so often… that can change.

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50 thoughts on “Spongebob’s DARK Scenes That Came Out of Nowhere

  1. I don't like the disguise scene in one course meal it's weird when me krabs uses hi normal voice and then pearls voice okay and wormy is it banned on tv cause of that scene right

  2. SpongeBob: Hey Pat!
    Patrick: Hey man!
    SpongeBob: have you ever heard of a butterfly?
    Patrick: butter flies?
    SpongeBob: no n…
    Patrick: weird…
    SpongeBob: no no a butterFLY
    Patrick: what were we talking about again?
    SpongeBob: slaps face* sigh* have you ever heard of a butterfly?
    Patrick: oh…
    SpongeBob: smiles*
    Patrick: wait a minute… Ever since when does butter fly?
    SpongeBob: PATRICK
    Patrick: huh? When did you get here?
    SpongeBob: I give up you win
    Patrick: oh we're playing a game! OH GOODIE GOODIE! Is ice cream involved?
    SpongeBob: wait what n…
    Patrick: I WIN I WIN YAY!!!!!!!

    Haha my little episode of butterflys and dumb dumbs haha

  3. I got a little bit scared of the horsefly closeups in "Wormy" when I was little, but it didn't really scarred me. However, you forgot to mention Ditchin' in this video, more specifically the tar pit scene in which Spongebob almost died. This moment really did some significantly horrible scars in my self conscious, and became my least favorite Spongebob episode.

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