Ranking EVERY Loud House Sister

There are ten sisters on The Loud House. Who’s the worst? Who’s the best? Here are all of them ranked!

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50 thoughts on “Ranking EVERY Loud House Sister

  1. I love these characters: Lucy, Lynn, Luan, Leni, and Lana

    I'm Nuteral with these characters: Luna, Lola, Lincoln, and Lily

    I don't like these characters: Lisa and Lori.

  2. OK here are my nicknames and ratings

    Lori:The Teen Boss
    Leni:The dumb One
    Luna:The Loudest of the Louds
    Luan:The Joker
    Lynn:The Athlete
    Lincoln:The Middle Child
    Lucy:The Dark
    Lana:The Tomboy
    Lola:The Princess
    Lisa:The Scientist

    Worst to best
    11th Lola
    Nothing much to her
    Has a boring personality and is super mean

    10th Lori
    Same as Lola but Less mean

    9th Luan
    Would've been higher if more screen time
    But she is funny

    8th Lisa
    N E R D

    7th Lincoln
    Although he is super relatable
    The others are just Amazing

    6th Leni
    She is nice and funny
    But is dumb

    5th Lily
    1 word:Poopoo

    4th Lana
    Funny and is such a Tomboy

    3rd Lucy
    Not as relatable as Lincoln but Lucy is pretty nice

    2nd Lynn
    She is Athletic and fun

    1st Luna
    No explanation

  3. My list:
    1: Luna.
    2: Leni.
    3: Lana.
    4: Lucy.
    5: Lola. But when I first saw the episode Sound Of Silence. I REALLY started to HATE Lola. Back then,
    she was my most hated character on the show. She was fucking annoying in Sleuth Or Consequences.
    But when I saw the episodes: Undie Pressure, A Tattler's Tale, Out Of The Picture, and Read Aloud,
    those episodes just made me LOVE Lola. My opinion on Lola has changed. I now think she's great.
    6: Lily.
    7: Luan.
    8: Lisa.
    9: Lori.
    10: Lynn.

  4. my list:

    10: Lynn Jr- I find her very annoying and obnoxious all the time. She always punches everybody and calls them names. Just annoying.

    9: Lily- I find her so cute! I just don't know anything about her lol.

    8: Luna- I like her unique personality. I would put her higher.

    7: Luan- I think she adds the humor to TLH. She can be annoying but not much.

    6: Lola- I love her! She adds humor to TLH with her bossy personality.

    5: Lori- I like how she's bossy and likes to gossip.

    4: Leni- I know y'all will get mad at me for this but I find Leni annoying SOMETIMES!

    3: Lana- I love Lana! She's very handy and has some humor.

    2: Lisa- I love her humor and how she can be serious. Not much to say but idk why I like her so much.


    I've loved Lucy from the beginning. Her unique personality gives her so many reasons to like her! She's funny too.

    If I had to put Lincoln in this list I would put him in between Lynn and Lily because I find him annoying and he is very focused on.

  5. My list:
    10. Lola (Spoiled brat)
    9. Leni (Too overrated, and erm, pretty weird.. hehe..)
    8. Lucy (Good, but not as good as the others.)
    7. Lynn (I can relate to her in so many ways, she’s an animated version of me.)
    6. Luan (She’s really funny :))
    5. Lana (She’s awesome.)
    4. Lily (Really cute.)
    3. Lisa (An incredibly smart 4 year old…)
    2. Lori (She is really amazing!)

  6. My list from best to absolute worst:

    1.Lucy-Love the goth look and how emotionless-ly funny she is.

    2.Luna-I love her music and how fun and hyper she is.

    3.Lana-She’s weird but funny and eats whatever hits the floor.

    4.Lincoln-He learns from his mistakes and will always help others.

    5.Lily-She’s too cute and funny in her own way.

    6.Lori-She May be loud and rude but she truly cares for her siblings.

    7.Leni-She’s very annoying when being a complete dumbass, but cares very much.

    8.Luan-She’s very very annoying with her horrible jokes and puns.

    9.Lynn Jr.-She bullies her siblings and treats everything like a game and very rude.

    10.Lola-Spoiled, bratty, very rude, lil shit.

    11.Lisa: Very rude, thinks she’s the smartest which comes off very annoying, treats her family like test subjects, and ruins her family’s lives with horrible machines.

  7. My list:
    10. Lola (she has a HUGE ego)
    9. Lori (always texting and saying "literally")
    8. Lily (she is adorable, however she is pretty bland)
    7. Lana (her messiness goes overboard sometimes)
    6. Luan (if she makes jokes way too much, then I wouldn't be amused at all)
    5. Lynn (wish she had another talent or something than sports)
    4. Lisa (she reminds me of Dexter, but I'm not the only one here, so… and she's super smart)
    3. Lucy (I love her edginess, makes the show seem less innocent)
    2. Leni (it's funny when she's dumb, but the dumb blonde thing is a bit too stereotypical…)
    1. Luna (she has a great back story and I like her references too)

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