NHL 19 vs NHL 18 Skating Comparison


So this video took a good bit of time but I think this is something a lot of people in the NHL community have wanted to see. I did a good comparison of the skating between NHL 18 and NHL 19, and the results are pretty crazy. Hope you guys enjoy.

Special thanks to @BatZach on twitter for helping me out getting footage from the NHL 19 beta!

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47 thoughts on “NHL 19 vs NHL 18 Skating Comparison

  1. pointless! in this game is more importal feelling and how the ai works.. i giva shit about hom many pixels this game have or how they are animated.. hw the hell they make this game over and over with the same problems and dont correct them? hiow it is nhl 2004 have much more feeling than any othen on pc? and on the consoles we ahev copy paste game each year@! i hate nhl 2018 and 2019! i prefer 2017 and on ps3 legacy or nhl 2014!

  2. NHL 18 had too many snow rooster tails and NHL 19 has none, there's a balance of when they should appear or not, like when making a hard two foot stop as opposed to normal strides

  3. We still have to play NHL legacy PS3 with friends. Graphics haven't gone forward & everything is so stiff.. And yes, I played NHL 18 for some tens of hours, but this never beats last generation?

  4. It looks exactly the same and the beta was as broken as NHL 18. There is now a little hop at the start of the first step and other animation differences. The mechanics have barely changed and it was as clunky and randomly directionless as last year.

  5. players look more agile. one of the things ive hated about these games is how slow player turn and change direction. i still wont buy it. havent played one of these since 13 and i hardly played that one. someone else needs to make a game.

  6. Yay no improvement where the game needs it most. Goalie and player a.i. same exploits still work ladies and gents. Easy goals quick dash to one side middle of the ice and quick cut back shot… game has gone downhill since rammer came over. Hut money blinds ea to what needs to be fixed

  7. can we patch nhl legacy's game engine onto to this year's game. It's entire gameplay and realism was better than not only this video but every edition of game on ps4 or xbox1. Just saying some programmers should be fired

  8. I don’t know why you guys complain so much it doesn’t ever change dramatically from year to year. My only issue is the people online who score bitch ass glitch goals because they suck. Buy a game every 2-3 years you will notice a much bigger difference.

  9. A big improvement, but i think its way too fast paced and even enforcers can backskate and spin through everyone. No lie, i deked out so many people with LT and i dont even have a D1 title

  10. I’ll just inform you all how we broke that down. I worked on NHL 19 skating, I fixed and helped change all of these things pointed out and more.

    “45degree cuts” are called glide dekes in EA system. We completely removed them, and originally added in what is called “snake dekes”. Eventually those were removed as well, once turning and stopping bugs were written enough to make both of those actions smoother. I’d break down more, but this will take forever on here.

    I could break down every aspect in this video if anyone’s interested, but I think something all you hardcore nhl fans should try, is try to pick up the puck in practice mode while spamming “A” button to try to protect the puck within a few feet of picking it up while skating fast. You can make anyone bobble the puck, by simply being ahead of the game in your head. This is something I discovered from pure obsession and being a top player in the world for 11 years. It has helped towards fixing both pickups and deflections for 19, I expect both to be much better than 18, because I’ve tested both for months. I discovered so much more in 6 months of working on nhl 19. Anyone want to know what really goes on in EA. Hit me up anytime. I’ve got beans to spill

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