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In the eighties, when Arnold Schwarzenegger uttered his immortal “I’ll be back,” we could hardly imagine how his image would be transformed in the twenty-first century. Judging by the fact that all the assumed dates of the machine’s rebellion in “Terminator” have already passed (1997, 2004 and 2011), the destruction of the human race will probably be postponed. Why don’t we then try to make artificial intelligence our accomplice?


42 thoughts on “10 ROBOTS THAT WILL AMAZE YOU !

  1. Men in the future are lucky they can have a robot to fuck , woman will be obsolete if this ever happens , or come grovelling back which I’d advice my grandkids against , let them live with their feminists girlfriends

  2. I think creating a machine with arms and legs is ok but creating a same type of machine that can think is wrong cause there is no wrong or right choice it will do what ever it will decide what ever it wants to do and if they are so smart what stopping it to make or remove what ever safety u built in it to prevent something to happen

  3. fucoshema is bullshit people and animals still live there and always have nuclear power is
    Bullshit its no more radioactive in its natural state than my arse is you mix it or combine it then it gets dangerous

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