50 Surprising Tank Facts That Will Shock You!

50 Tanks Facts that you didn’t know! A list of little known facts about tanks!

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38 thoughts on “50 Surprising Tank Facts That Will Shock You!

  1. and again with the battle of the Golan heights, the reason why Israel won (the clues in the name). Israel had the high ground an using tanks like the british Centurion on high ground that had better gun depression than Syria’s soviet built tanks that couldn’t elevate their guns to fire effectively on Israeli positions.

  2. battle of Dubno in 1941 is the largest recorded tank battle in history not Kursk of which the battle around Prokhorovka is what gives Kursk notoriety as one the largest tank battles. get it right guys..

  3. It was not the P1500 monster it was the P1000 Ratta (I may have misspelled that someone correct me if I did) and it was called the ratta because the Maus was already in production.(But we all know how THAT ended )

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