What Happens When You Drink Alcohol on an Empty Stomach?

What happens to you when you drink alcohol? Should you eat before drinking? What happens in your stomach while you are drinking?

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45 thoughts on “What Happens When You Drink Alcohol on an Empty Stomach?

  1. I just want to know if it'll damage my insides if I do drink on an empty stomach, I don't drink often, only at gatherings or birthdays but when I do it's on an empty stomach. Will something slowly start to develop if I continue to do this?

  2. I had to stop for a second because my inner nerd couldn't leave without saying the pyloric valve is in actuality a sphincter. Saying its a valve is like saying it has flaps that open and close due to pressure differences e.g in the heart, which is not so. A sphincter is a circular band of muscle whose opening and closing is controlled by the nerves and hormones of the digestive system, and mostly pH gradient on either side of the sphincter. I'm at peace now.

  3. My husband had just drink this day.. He went home at 3pm, woke up at 6pm and keep asking random things (repeatedly) and keeps on vomiting.. He didnt eat before he drinks… I gave him just 5 spoon of hot and spicy noodles soup and half glass of cold water.. He complained of headache and stomachache

  4. i can literally drink 4x more if i got food in my gut before i start drinking. 26er of vodka and a 12 case of beer later im still functioning normally and remember all my actions during the night. take 6 or 7 shots on an empty stomach and im dickered lol.

  5. I had to search this up. I had the worst experience yesterday having trouble breathing and was sweating and cold at the same time man. It was weird and never happened before until i realized i totally forgot i didnt eat and maybe if that had more of a reason why it made me feel 10x worse than ever before.

  6. I first drink when I was 13 (I'm 19 now) and I never abused alcohol, I only drink 1, 2 but usually 3 drinks will be the maximum.
    I always drink after a meal and never on a empty stomach, and I really don't drink alcohol often, rather rarely.
    Alcohol is fine if you're 15, but please do it responsible, I notice most teens drinks heavily, that's the problem right there.

  7. i have had quite a few times drunk on an empty stomeck and got really wasted only to go tottaly balistic inside my head.the thought prosses was ungodly and unreal.i was lucky enough that noone was around me at that time.versus the full stomeck drinking i had a fun time became really social didnt feel so bad about myself drinking and was not so messed up the next day.wastedness on a empty stomeck really messed with me the next day.i mean not eating properly before and mid drinking really messed me up.i actually felt retarded

  8. So I am watching this recommendation video while I was planning to get drunk tonight with my college mates… Thank you so much for the information. After All Health is all the priority to be given first, Eat before you get Drunk…

  9. Soooooo you guys have not told me anything new lol….I drink on am empty stomach so I can get lit faster. The faster I get drunk the earlier I Know to stop drinking 😊.

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