Spooky Subliminal Messages That Have Been On TV

Have you seen any of these subliminal messages broadcast on TV? How do subliminal messages work?

Subliminal messaging techniques have been around in popular media since the advent of radio, when advertisers attempted to promote brand loyalty by playing specific tunes or series of sounds in their advertisement. Though subliminal messaging never garnered any significant business, when television came around attempts to communicate secret messages or override the free will of a viewer went into overdrive. Never supported by any serious science, it was long thought that series of colors, sounds, or rapidly flashed messages that lasted for mere frames may have a lasting impact on the human brain. While none of these efforts yielded any significant results, it hasn’t stopped governments, corporations, or police departments from trying. Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we’re taking a look at some weird, and some cool subliminal messages aired on TV.

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23 thoughts on “Spooky Subliminal Messages That Have Been On TV

  1. I was watching National Geographic the other day and they were talking about polar bears. Something about how if you eat a polar bear kidney you’ll die because of all the vitamins inside. Literal vitamin overdose.

    And all of a sudden I was like “I’d kill for an ice cold Coca-cola”

    Then it hit me, marketing methods work

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